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About Us

What is Forty Mile Community Adult Learning Programs all about? We teach adults. Teach? That is maybe not the right word. We help you learn what you need to learn to be better at your job, to do what you need to do in the community, and to help you reach your education goals even if there have been challenges before. What do we do? We facilitate learning your way. If you need it, tell us, and we will find a way for you to learn it. We are your language and literacy facilitators ready to help you at the time of the day that works best for you.We have some programs that we love to teach. Do they fit your needs? It could well be. If you are new to Canada and are looking to become a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen we offer the CELPIP Preparation Program which is a course to get your English speaking and understanding up to speed so you can pass the CELPIP test. Is that all I need? There is one more test. It is called the Citizenship test. In order to pass that test you will need to learn a lot from the book Discover Canada. Our Citizenship Perpetration Program. In this class you will taste what Canadian Culture is like, you will learn about Canadian History, how Canadians govern themselves, the justice system and a lot more.But what if I’m new here and do not feel ready to take tests? Don’t worry. We have a course that is just right for you. It’s called Conversation Cafe. We offer one at the Library in Bow Island and one in Burdett. It is a soft approach to learn to speak in English. Here you will hear the language at a speed you can follow. Not too fast.What about if I want to learn how to write in English? Well, sharpen your pencil and come to class. We offer three levels of classes on Thursdays. Beginner English Language is for you if you are just starting. Intermediate English Language is what you will want if you speak it already and write some too. Is there a way to further my learning? There sure is. We offer our third class called Advanced English Language for adults that are able to function well in the community, they love what they are doing but would like to learn more.What about computers? Do you have a class for that? Yes we do. We offer one in Foremost and one in Bow Island. But what will I learn? I do not know anything about computers. Then this is the right class for you, because we start right from the beginning. We help you turn the computer on. We teach you how to use the mouse. Opening and closing files, write your first email, print your first picture. That is what we do. We go slowly so that you can feel comfortable in our computer classes. Register today because these classes fill up quickly. You might be on the waiting list.But what if I cannot come to class because I am working? We try to arrange the time so everyone can come. If during the day does not work we offer classes in the evening. If you have a specific training that you need, and there is no class for it, we will set you up with a tutor that can help just you. How does that work? We find a volunteer tutor who knows how to teach the skills that you need, we provide all the training that is needed, and arrange for them to meet you one-on-one at a suitable place for you. This is called the L.E.A.R.N. Volunteer Tutor Program. We work very hard to help you feel welcome and safe.  

Forty Mile Community Adult Learning Programs works with many partners including:

  • The County of Forty Mile No. 8
  • Forty Mile Regional FCSS
  • Forty Mile Community Resource Centre
  • Public Health Unit
  • Medicine Hat College

With support from these agencies, Forty Mile Community Adult Learning provides programming in the following areas:

  • Adult Literacy
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Community Issues
  • Employability Enhancement